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Message from The Divine Light Team: Tune Up Your Energy Body

Dear Ones,

This is a glorious day to open to the love that you are! We say to open because it is all already there…whatever you need. You are like a flower…with the seed containing everything needed for it’s unfolding. It is the water, the nurturance, that experiences provide to allow your potential to grow.

So what experiences do you choose? For us, it is simple to see the times when your light shines..when you energetically hold a vibration or match one of another’s that allows for an increase in positive energy. Can you think of a time when you felt this way?

This is tuning into your energy body. Just as you bring a car for a tune-up, your physical body needs energetic tune ups as well. This makes sense, doesn’t it? Everything is always in flux, changing…and so these tune ups allow for the flow of your energy to move in a direction of wellbeing and harmony. It is like an update to the software on your computer…it allows it to function more smoothly, accurately and with new features and abilities. As you tune up your energy body and play with energetic fields, this becomes possible as well. You are able to tune into the natural, ethereal, energetic world that holds so many mysteries for you. It is exciting!

Actually, the frequency of Divine Flow is not mysterious, it is pretty straight forward, as it moves towards the light. Just as sunflowers do and grow. And so being in nature and the light stream of consciousness is the way to nurture your energetic flow.

Silence and vibration are also ways to tune in. There is no coincidence that you tune into a radio station…it is a vibration that tunes, like a tuning fork. And so we invite you to play with the many colors of the rainbow, the vibrational energies available in this dance of life on the planet….as you paint the life that makes your heart sing.

In love and light,

Your Divine Light Team

Channeled by Kimberly



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