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Inner Light Moon Oracle

Understand and have a deeper connection with your inner light by playing with the Inner Light Moon Oracle.  Created to share Chinese culture and Asian wisdom by encouraging balance, healing and peace, within and without, the deck is inspired by the rhythms of the moon, long recognized in China and in many countries throughout the world. The Archetypes and Chinese 5 Element Theory inspire the user to grow, transform, and honor their own practice of centering and creativity. Designed to connect the practitioner with their personal inner magic.

Draw the cards as an oracle guide or use like the tarot, with specific spreads. Each deck comes with 52 lovingly illustrated cards coded with sacred words to encourage shifts and healing. An additional 2 cards contain information and sample card spreads. A guide insert with supplemental details on the cards and practices is also included. The deck is housed in a custom illustrated box and satin pouch to protect its energies.


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While the Inner Light Moon Oracle Deck is intended for joyful personal growth, we also wanted to share its depth and qualities with the world at large. The world has undergone some spectacular shifts, but the wisdom of the moon and the ancestors continue to shine upon us. In an attempt to recognize this new era of humanity, one in which that paradise on earth is possible and its potential is within each of us, the moon sisters would like to contribute what we can to the evolutionary light of the planet.

For this reason, should you find yourself desiring a more in-depth examination of issues or seek greater clarity on specific questions, we offer readings and the following services.

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Readings with Elizabeth

Artist & Intuitive

Readings with Kimberly

Intuitive Counselor

Kimberly Gladysz, MA, LPCC, has been developing the skill of clairaudience (hearing or tuning into guides) for the past 15 years. Her readings and work are supported by daily mindfulness practices of meditation and yoga. She holds a Master’s degree in Body Mind Psychology and has grown as
a therapist and teacher for over 20 years.

Her love for dance and music has led her to explore and to study with healers and artists around the world.  Of the many amazing teachers who have influenced her healing journey, one of the most prominent is Anam Thubten Rinpoche of the Nyingma tradition.


Kimberly brings compassionate wisdom, humor and a spirit of play to help enlighten our path.  Her intention is to support peace and harmony in the world. Read more about Kimberly's Guide Readings here.

Elizabeth Lee is the illustrator and creator of the Inner Light Moon Oracle Deck. A Hapa artist, she discovered the Tarot in high school and was an avid practitioner and reader for many years. Her journey led her to practice Chen Style Tai Chi with Master Zhang Xue Xin, a senior indoor student of Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang. She is a 19th generation student of this lineage. Her Tai Chi informs much of her understanding of the Taoist principles and Chinese theories shared in the deck.

Combining the Western Tarot with the wisdom of the East seemed like a perfect fit for this half-Chinese Asian-American. Elizabeth also worked as a CranialSacral Therapist for over a decade. During this time she began seeing energies during her treatments. To better understand these visions, Elizabeth trained in a Rosicrucian-based clairvoyant school, she is a minister in the Church of Natural Grace  and has been an intuitive reader since 2006.


Sessions are conducted via Zoom or by phone. You are welcome to record the session.

Click to read more about Elizabeth's Intuitive Readings or Kimberly's Connecting with Guides.

You can also find information about a 20 minute Rose Reading here.


Payment received securely by credit card or through PayPal when you schedule the session.


Elizabeth is available for Mondays and Tuesdays from 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. San Francisco Time.

Book Elizabeth now. Or schedule a Single Question Rose Reading.

Kimberly can be scheduled here, or call 408-384-8487.

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