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Inner Light Moon Oracle alchemizes Chinese 5 Element Theory, the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals as well as Asian Archetypes and symbols. Designed to deeply connect each user with their personal inner light. 


The 52 card Oracle, with 2 additional info cards and accompaning Guidebook share sacred words and imagery to encourage shifts and healing. The deck is housed in a satin pouch and custom illustrated box to protect its energies. 

Inner Light Moon Oracle Deck & Guidebook

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  • Inner Light Moon Oracle 54 Card Deck with interpretive and instructional Guidebook, by artist Elizabeth Lee.

    This beautiful Oracle reinterprets and updates the traditional tarot using sacred Asian Archetypes, the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese 5 Element theory and methods for self-love and inner connection. 


    Cards are 310 gsm and 2.75" x 4.75" with rounded corners. A smooth AQ finish protects the cards and makes for comfortable handling. The cards contain a black core lining which adds to their durability and longevity.  The deck is housed in a lovely, custom-designed box and comes with a satin bag to protect the energies.


    The Inner Light Moon Oracle Guidebook contains over 187 pages of card interpretations, sample spreads, mantras, meditations and reflections for developing or enhancing your personal connection. Learn about the Chinese Zodiac animals. Embrace the cyclical nature of the seasons. Use the physical 5 Elements to ground you on the earthly plane, harness the magic and possibilities of the physical world and channel your personal power. 


    Common Uses:

    Daily Card Meditation: Pick a card at the start of your day to bring you into a bright state of mind. 

    End your day with a card to commence your sleeping hours and unconscious dreamstate.


    Ask A Question: Connect with your inner guidance using the cards. When you have a decision to make, or questions on a particular issue, shuffle the deck while contemplating your question. Questions should NOT have a yes or no answer.


    Single Card Answers: For a quick and simple answer, spread out the cards and choose one. Refer to the Guidebook to read about the card you chose.


    Three Card Spread: For a slightly deeper answer, there are many Three Card Spread options listed in the Guidebook which provide more insights for the querant.


    Indepth Spreads: Longer spreads can address various aspects of an issue looking at both past and future influences. These sample spreads can also be found in the Guidebook.


    We are all born connected to our true source, our core power and purpose. We have merely forgotten. The journey home is a continual awakening. Within each of us is the ability to know paradise within, and thus to create a paradise on earth. This deck and guidebook are intended to serve as a compass towards the users' true north. You are blessed!

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