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Catching little moments of kindness

Yogi Tea quote with yellow mums
Yellow is the color of happiness

My friend April and I took a drive to the other side of the island. April is a fun road

trip companion; she keeps little notes of encouragement saved in a an envelope

in her car. When her intuition tells her, she reaches into the envelope and pulls

out a “good wishes” note to leave on car windshields.

As we pulled into a grocery store parking lot, we looked at each other knowing

that it was time to break out the envelope. We quietly tuned inward to pick the car

to spread the love.

I reached into my envelope full of star shaped wishes. On each star, I had

written spontaneous sayings of encouragement…”Believe in your dreams”, “Trust in yourself” and “Celebrate!” My heart beating quickly, I ran to place a star on the chosen car; I wanted to

make sure I wasn’t discovered as the messenger. It’s way more fun to imagine people’s reaction when they receive a mysterious loving message from the universe. It got me thinking… how can I leave these little notes of love to myself throughout the day?

The voice in my mind can often get caught in critical self doubt and worry. I

wonder which little mental note would be nice to find in these moments to calm

myself and to acknowledge my inherent goodness.

These little messages of kindness can be anchors to steady the stormy seas of

my mind. I can whisper them to myself or remember them silently in moments of

stress or overwhelm. These words of kindness can begin to create a safe harbor

within that is always in touch with the source of my true inner peace, even in

difficult times.

The trick is actually remembering to do this when I’m feeling stressed. So for


Lovelight Activity: Come up with a few phrases that you can whisper to yourself

to give yourself a boost of love. We can’t be perfect, but we can certainly catch little moments of kindness, even for ourselves.


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