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Year of the Water Tiger

We have a very special New Moon coming up this Monday, commemorating the Lunar New Year and the beginning of Spring! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! This is a Water Tiger Year which means the power and strength of the Tiger is combined with the depth and intuitive sensitivity of water. This is the year for truly grounding into what serves you and is authentic to you. Mismatching energies will be particularly difficult to tolerate. Aim true and dive into your best self that you came here to be!

The Tiger year is a marvelous year for prosperity, but don't ignore your physical body as you work hard towards your dreams. Remember to laugh a lot and enjoy time with loved ones. This brings the joy the fills your life with abundance! No matter what sign you are, take care of your health and emotions this year as you proceed along your career path with support and friends. Don't lose your composure when things get busy!

Do you know what animal sign you are? The Chinese Zodiac is marked by the Year of your birth, which is both an animal and an element. You can check our chart at if you aren't sure.

The Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year honors the arrival of Spring. Most of Asia is busy traveling to family this time of year. The Reunion Dinner is a common New Year's Eve tradition with lots of dumplings and long life noodles. The Lantern Festival completes the New Year celebrations,15 days later, when the moon cycle has become bright and full.

We wish all of you a magnificent and magical year! Enjoy this special new moon with dear ones!


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