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You are Love in Action

Message from The Divine Light Team

Dear Ones,

This is an occasion of love…this life, this story, this way you choose to live in the world…you get to make the story one of love or one of suffering/fear.

Choose love. We know that this is a common saying, but it is different when one lives it fully and allows the fears of the mind to dissipate…or more importantly to soothe these fears with love. Like a puppy who doesn’t know better, fear is not evil or wrong, it is an immature reaction to a situation, when one does not know how to move forward. So we share that you do know more than you know, for you ARE LOVE . You are only love and yes, indeed, love will prevail!

So how, to choose the love?

Look at others in the eyes if you are angry, hurt, or disappointed. Feel the presence through these windows to the soul. No one is isolated in the human experience, for all of humanity shares the same hue of emotions and pulls from the same bank of thoughts. You, dear one, have the challenge to pull from a bank that is higher, above the plane of swirling emotions that bring destruction and pain to the realm where one is all connected and at peace..

Choose love.


Help others feel their love too.

And so in these moments of choice you can breathe, put your hand on your heart and actually say, “I am worthy” of this love, this peace, this community, this fame, this love. For you are this love.

We don’t know how else to express in a word that encompasses the breadth and glory of your true self, for it is light and playful. It is ethereal and lovely. And you have this human form in which to color, dance, sing and pretend.

You get to make the story of your life, so live it with the grace of knowing your true self as love. Love, love, love. Sing it with your whole being and enjoy those around you who want to sing it too.

Vibration is a truth that will become more and more evident as time goes by…but know in your bones that your are in charge of your vibration. love it, live it, and be free dear ones.

You are love in action…

make it count!


Your Divine Light Team

Channeled by Kimberly


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