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"Devotion gives you control over your precious attention and energy and values where you place your heart and time."

The Golden Assembly of Light Beings

Channeled by Kimberly 1/2/2022

Aloha and greetings, today we speak of finding ways to stay balanced in the mind and heart; this is the key. For there will be peaks and valleys in the human experience, but to know your truth, you must stay centered in the love you are.

Even in times of trouble, you are still enlightened …even in times of confusion there is still clarity in the essence of your being, so rest in this simplicity. Today we will speak of simplicity as your best friend, for it is a way of being that does not judge or need things to be differently from the way they are. There is a simple enjoyment in the good, a focus on what IS…what is can be enjoyed and a feeling of contentment. Contentment is not complacency, but a state of inner peace.

Now as the times begin to quicken and the pace seems to be whirling at top notch speed, is the best time to slow down and to pick 3 things that are most important to you now and focus on these three. What is that for you? Write them down and see how you feel just by reading them on the page and giving them this attention. You are already starting on the path to your awakening in these areas, as you shine your focus and attention on them.

Notice how you can choose these things in moments of distraction…perhaps looking at your phone or watching tv…there is nothing wrong with watching tv, to relax, but to say that one does not have time is not true. You have an ability to play with time. For instance next time you travel in your car, notice if you can arrive at a certain time and allow the flow to take you there in perfect timing. Release your rigid hold on the wheel…in the car, in life, and put these three things that are most important to you in the front seat with you.

You may think of these things and your devotion or commitment to these things as a practice. Devotion gives you control over your precious attention and energy and values where you place your heart and time.

So, to begin this year, know you are blessed beyond belief, for you do not need to believe it at all…it is simply true.

We love you to the depths of the oceans and beyond!

In unity,

Your Divine Light Team


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