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Your Buddha Nature

Your body, your 5 senses with which you perceive and experience the world, are gifts from your parents and ancestors—a gift for your growth. But this vehicle is not all that you are. You are a limitless, eternal spirit.

Your inherent Buddha nature is an awakened state of loving kindness. Undistracted by the 5 senses, you observe your environment with neutrality. It is utter acceptance of what IS, in the present moment, without judgement.

When you create with your 5 senses, you use the 5 Elements. When you experience life regardless of likes and dislikes, you flow from a state of infinite oneness. You understand the interconnectedness of your own Heaven and Earth, and of all life. You become magick and your magick is love!

Use Loving Kindness as a practice, especially with yourself. Self-love is the beginning of shining compassion outwards into the world. What goodness can you do for yourself today?

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