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Clear mind, Open Heart

If you’d like to receive more inspiration and feel connected to your intuition, there is an easy first step….clear your mind.

As the Divine Light Team of Guides has shared with me recently, when our minds are busy and cluttered it is more difficult to tune into our higher intuitive wisdom. In their words, “It’s like a voicemail box…no one can leave you a message if your voicemail is full”!

So, here are some simple steps to follow when you’d like to clear your mind and open to your intuitive self:

Clear the voicemail of the mind:

  1. Feel your feet on the ground or your body in connection with the earth.

  2. Tune into the sensation of your breath as it comes in through your nose and out of your mouth.

  3. Take 3 long, slow breaths and let go of any thoughts of the past or future.

  4. Imagine just like a light switch, your focus can switch from your mind, down to your heart space. You may also imagine a golden waterfall coming from your mind down into your heart.

  5. Rest in your heart and feel grateful for something you love.

  6. As your mind begins thinking, simply see the thoughts as clouds passing by, without developing them…simply witness your thoughts.

  7. Feel receptive like an open blue sky.

So often in life, we are in the “doing” mode. In this state of “open sky” we become more receptive. We notice more things around us as well as within us. Our inner voicemail box is empty and we have more room for inspiration. In this receptive state, we can tune in and hear our higher intuitive wisdom more clearly.

May you enjoy the gifts your intuitive wisdom shares!


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