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Cold Dew and New Moon in Libra

Autumn is the time for drinking chrysanthemum wine

and admiring flowers in the garden.

Spring is for wandering and enjoying the green grass.

Summer is for taking a bath in the cool river, and

Winter is for reciting poems in the snow.

--excerpt from a Tang Dynasty poem

Today is Cold Dew, the 17th Solar Term (寒露 | Hánlù). The temperature drop in Autumn creates foggy mornings with a chilly dew, but not yet frost. These colder temperatures make it a great time for fishing, as the fish rise to shallow waters that are warmed by the sun. It's pomegranate season, chrysanthemum season, hawthorn season and kipper season. Mountain hiking to collect camellia seeds is a common practice in China during this time.

Double Ninth Festival (9-9-21), sometimes happens on Cold Dew, but not this year. A popular

Double Ninth drink is chrysanthemum wine made with poria cocos mushroom and pine oleoresin. This wards off the dryness and purportedly extends one's youthful energy.

Yesterday marks the New Moon in Libra. We received a beautiful channel from Kimberly's Divine Light Team. This new moon's Divine assignment is one of balance: play a game. It is such a wonderful time to:

  • Notice how you feel inside, connect with your intuitive wisdom. How might you share that in your environment?

  • Alter your immediate environment to bring more inner peace or joy.

  • Reach out to others you haven’t connected with in a while to form bridges.

  • Amplify the quality of your listening. When you hear something that resonates, give it your divine attention.

  • Tune into the community who understands the interconnectedness of life.

  • It's a time to explore ideas different from one’s own with more openness. Try to understand another perspective with lightness.

Wishing you an amazing New Moon cycle!

You can hear this full channel on our instagram feed @innerlightmoonoracle.


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