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Divine Flow: from the Divine Light Team

(Message from The Golden Assembly of Light Beings

Channeled by Kimberly 11/10/21)

Dear ones, it is with great pleasure that we connect with you here.

Oh yes, divine flow…this is our favorite topic! It has much value in these days when things are moving so quickly…to get in the current of life that will not sweep you away…but bring you closer to your divine self. This is the purpose of the flow…to release the struggle.

Struggle can come in many forms such as resistance, distrust, annoyance; anything that blocks you. So, the first step in divine flow is learning to swim…no, rather, to float. When you float, you feel the sensation. You feel your way… no one can really describe in words the feeling or explain how to do it logically. It is a feeling… you follow someone’s instructions, maybe watch them do it…and then feel your way into it. It is a sensational experience…floating. Try it more! Do it more! Even in a bathtub! To feel the water holding and supporting you in an effortless way.

Yes, of course, you need to know the logistics of how to hold your body, the structure of it, but then you need to let go. It is the letting go of the striving and efforting that we are talking about. This act of surrender, of letting go, is the most divine and important quality of floating (and living life!). You cannot fake it. When you are learning to float, if you are holding your body stiffly, you sink. You feel this sensation. You feel your way into letting go of the tension in your body.

To release the tensions in your being is to be open to the Divine flow of your life; the way of living that allows the greatest possibilities to unfold for you in the highest good. When we say highest good, remember, it is carrying through with the choices that open your heart and allow it to sing. So you may sing your joy song. This is your contribution to the world harmony.

And so learning to harmonize with world, with the currents of energy present and available and choosing in each moment to open to love. For that is who you truly are.

And so, we wish you a wonderful journey in this time of fulfillment of your dreams come true.

For, in dreaming them, you know they can be a reality. It is simply bringing them into your physical presence.

Enjoy the ride!

In love and light,

The Divine Light Team

The Golden Assembly of Light Beings


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