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Divine Scavenger Hunt

Imagine your best friend who knows you better than anyone else in the world, has designed a scavenger hunt just for you! In the spirit of a scavenger hunt…our guides and angels (as a Divine Support Team) are continually leading us in the direction of our most fulfilling life. In response to our wishes, they place clues, orchestrate meetings and give us hints/nudges to help us to live with the most ease and joy. When we tune into our intuition, we can notice the signs and support our Divine Support Team is giving. Our job is simply to relax, tune in and follow the clues leading to our wishes come true.

However, just as in a scavenger hunt, things in our lives may take time to unfold and we must solve each puzzle before we can go to the next clue. Often times, we may feel frustrated or think our prayers or wishes are not being realized when the answers or solutions do not unfold in the exact timing we had hoped. This is where the power of staying neutral and getting creative with obstacles can help us to stay in the vibration of divine flow. When we are in divine flow, we can receive the messages from our divine support team, that has a higher perspective and can see the whole picture. We can keep the faith and keep calm and carry on!

Here are some good things to remember as we encounter obstacles or are feeling impatient for our desired results. We can breathe and take a new perspective. We can think of holding the situation lightly (like a butterfly in the open palm of our hand), not grasping it. We can zoom out and see that in the end, this is just one piece of the larger puzzle of our lives. We can notice if we feel really charged with emotion or judgment, that we can breathe and release any feelings that are getting in way of feeling neutral and open. We can trust the larger picture and allow all things to just be as they are in the moment. Then, from this place, we are more free to be creative and to enjoy the mystery of life as it unfolds. We can see all things as a rainbow, that surely changes in time.


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