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Flow with Delight

I headed out on a bike ride today and turned thirteen years old. It was on the second turn of my ride that I felt like I did when I went exploring with my cousin Kelli. We would set out on our bikes with the intention of getting lost. In fact, if we couldn’t get lost and find new territory, we would get frustrated and bummed.

And so with my cousin now at my side, in spirit, almost 40 years later, I felt this renewed sense of adventure. Suddenly the birds became more a part of my landscape as I followed my intuition and just flowed with my gut feelings.

This is the lightening I have yearned for; letting go of my agenda to accomplish a certain goal and to let spirit guide me. To my surprise, it led me to the places I was hoping to find….but in a way more fun way. I followed the light, the sound of the birds, the feral cat who stopped me to say hi, and my path led me to watch a beautiful sunset.

As I watched the sunset, I realized how much freedom came from simply allowing myself to follow the signs and let go….

This is my new journey as I realize that so much of life is in the unplanned moments, the hidden magic; the signs that let us know that all is well.

I invite you to notice and celebrate the little ways that life gives you a smile and says, “You are in the right place, at the right time”!

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