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Frost's Descent & Aries Full Moon

We are in the last Solar Term of the autumn season, 霜降 (shuāngjiàng) Frost's descent. Enjoy the fiery colors of the leaves before they fall to the ground! It's written that when the animals gather food, when the trees are bare and the grass has dried, when the animals go into hibernation, this is the season of Frost's descent. It is the 18th Solar Term and the sun has reached the celestial longitude of 210 degrees.

It's particularly important to watch one's health during these months. Pears, apples, chestnuts, dates and persimmons are bountiful and recommended for one's health this time of year. Eating the fatty duck soup is a tradition for the first day of Frost's descent. This will keep you warm as chilly weather drops in temperature.

October 20th marks the October Full Moon in Aries. It's a fiery time with emotions riding high and an overriding insistence of our true voice and authentic selves bursting forth. This can create tension and volatile energies. Card pull for this full moon is Kuan Yin: Compassion and forgiveness.

Kuan Yin is an important energy to counter the inclinations towards impatience and anger. As we are summoned more and more to express our authentic selves, a natural response can be reactive. Kuan Yin is a beautiful deity to support a gentler approach. Taking a step back, express yourself with calm and reserve. This will serve you and your relationships better during this delicate time.

Forgiveness and understanding are Kuan Yin’s specialty. With understanding comes forgiveness. Search for the reason behind others’ unconscious actions. We are all operating from childhood wounds until we awaken to a better way. Patience and forbearance are practical tools that can open a door to peace, love & harmony. ♥️💕🌸


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