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Happy Friday the 13th, Special Card Pull

Happy Friday the 13th dear friends!

Friday the 13th Reading below.

But first…

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Below is our Friday the 13th Single Card Reading

1. Center yourself

2. Pick one card that resonates with you from the three in the photo.

Before we get to the interpretation, a brief review on the number 13, in case you didn't know...

13 in modern times has come to symbolizes the divine Goddess and the moon, as the menses cycle being 28 days, adds up to 13 menses in a year. 13 scutes on a turtle's back, 13 rungs on the Egyptian ladder to eternity, 13 Doctrines of the Bards, 13 Treasures of Britain that Merlin protects, 13 segments to the Sacred Chords of Druids. It is a number vibrating to purity, Ascension, unity and incorruptibility. Like many powers of the Divine Feminine, fear and negativity has been attached to the number 13. In truth, it is a sacred number and important for balance and spiritual consciousness.

Celebrating Friday the 13th is reclaiming an ancient wisdom. It pulls away the illusion of past fears. Wishing everyone a bright Midsummer's August. Soak up plenty of moonbeams and wishing you all a super fabulous weekend!

Now to reveal the cards.

Left - Dance in celebration of life

This is the Action Fire Card in all its glory. A marvelous expression of joy in the physical body and in being alive. Simply move your body and appreciate how amazing and miraculous it is. Every cell, every joint, every spiraling chakra is a YES to this experience in physical form. Air feeds fire and dancing is fueled by the breath. When was the last time you danced? Put on your favorite dance track and see how it shifts your energy to shake it out!

White moonstone underneath. It is a great protection stone and to connect to the moon. A water stone, supporting reproductive health, and an emotion balancer, it is the yin stone to the fiery yang card above.

Middle - Receiving - Showered with the blessings of nature

Benefits of Water Card. This is what the water brings: receptivity, insights, cleansing and renewal. The bounty of nature extends all around and through us. We are not separate from its beauty. A fairy-like sprite bathes in the clear waters. Connect with nature and be rejuvenated. A fantastic self-love card encouraging bathing rituals & self-care.

Rose quartz underneath: pure love and purification. Promoting love, healing & peace. Banishes negativity.

Right - Courage VIII - Dispelling Fear

Corresponds to the Strength Card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. By Chinese classification, the Tiger is the King of the Jungle. "Vulnerability is strength” is the message. The bodhisattva, Avalokiteśvara, (Kuan Yin in the masculine), gestures "dispelling fear" or one expression of the Abhaya Mudra. Use this mudra for protection and peace, by holding your right hand at shoulder level facing outward. The left hand can be held at the belly, or face downward and outward.

Ametrine Crystal (amethyst & citrine) underneath. Relieves anxiety, detoxifies body, mind & spirit. An emotion balancer, it increases creativity.

When looking at these as a three card spread, the message is to recognize our divinity, care for our humanity, and protect our vulnerable aspects by surrendering to the spiritual support, which manifests and surrounds us in so many ways. We just need to open our eyes and hearts to this beautiful energetic presence that is always there for us.

Blessings for your Friday the 13th and weekend. Sending you great love!


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