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New Moon Wisdom: The Divine Light Team

"Enjoy this new moon…feeling the light of your inner peace."

The Divine Light Team, a group of spirit guides from the Golden Assembly of Light Beings, assured us that our connection with our higher wisdom is always present! Here are some nuggets of wisdom and encouragement The Divine Light Team shared during our Instagram Channel session with Kimberly for the New Moon on 6/9/21.

Listen to the message from your heart and see what resonates with you!

The Divine Light Team shared:

Just as the way the elements move harmoniously in nature, we can find harmony and balance within ourselves.

It is important to hold hope and to feel the vibrations of the highest possibilities in life.

The quiet moments are important to rest and to feel the peace within.

Each moment you spend in the higher peaceful vibration within, you send this vibration into the world. Like a note in a song, the vibration you put out helps to create the a song of harmony on the planet.

Your life journey is to express your “joy song”… notice what are the things that bring you joy? Spend time this month doing those things!

Celebrate the surprises and move with the twists and turns of life. Trust we are moving into a far more harmonious way of living!

Know that the power of your good thoughts and intentions are very strong. Believe in the power of your own healing of your body as well as your healing thoughts for others.

Accepting the light that you are is the true act of healing.

"It is not complex, it is who you are…this lightness of being.

Enjoy the new moon...feeling the light of your inner peace."

The Divine Light Team

Kimberly at Innerlight Moon Oracle

Live Channel New Moon 9/6/21


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