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"Play is where all is Possible"

Message from the Divine Light Team

Channeled by Kimberly on 12/9/21

Dear Ones,

Yay! Yes indeed, it is a time of great many changes…and to flow is the best way to catch the wave with most ease. What we want you to know is you are at the right pace at the right time…with everything you need. You have the courage you need to grow into whatever you desire..for you chose this long ago. You are equipped and even more so, have the stamina and truth within to steer you. Yes, it is the compass of prayer and good will for others that can keep your focus strong and true.

You, dear ones, are all that you are searching for…all the happiness that you ever need is within. It is the truth of who you are…so celebrate this love with all your might! For it is a mighty love. Know this to the core of your being and drink in the nectar of curiosity and play. Play is where it is all possible. To greet each day with curiosity and play is the way to an open heart. Open hearts always have room for more happiness…so invite it in, open your heart, and watch the divine dance within and without to make you smile!

We thank you for your service in this world and the ways you seek justice and a way to make it better for others. Your own inner peace is the very place to start. This vibration is very powerful. Continue to nurture this vibration and it will influence those around you near and far. This we promise to be true.

Be well dear ones and know that the colors that you play with also sing a vibration. So be the color today that you wish to see more of…spread the color in the world to make the hue of happiness.


The Golden Assembly of Light Beings


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