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Shine Your Light

“When you shine your light, it inspires another's light to shine…just like lighting a circle of candles, using one flame to spark and ignite the one next to it…”

-The Divine Light Team channeled by Kimberly

Can you think of a time when you truly felt yourself shining as your truest self? See if you can take a body memory picture of what you were doing and how you felt….

Now ask yourself, “Do I give myself permission to shine this brightly each day?” The more you shine your light, the more you inspire others to do the same. It’s contagious!

Here are some helpful tips to keep your light shining brightly:

1.Breathe: The more we feel our breath deeply, the more we can enjoy each moment.

2.Give yourself Permission to Smile: Give yourself permission to smile first at the person walking towards you (you can do it!)

3. Be in your heart: It just feels good to expect the best!

4. Connect with loved ones, strangers, friends, your angels

5. Dream Big!

Shine Your Light Activity: What would you like your ideal life to look/feel like? Make a collage with images that light you up. See what images/words jump out at you and allow your guides and angels to help you put the images together. Trust your intuition rather than your logical mind to create it. With your divine support team, dream big and enjoy seeing your best life show up on your collage! Then put your collage on the wall and celebrate as each detail comes alive in your life in divine timing….

6. Celebrate Surprises & Synchronicities

7. Go with the Flow & Let Go

8. Have Fun!


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