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Solstice Intentions

The Winter Solstice (22nd Solar Term) arrives next Tuesday with the darkest day and longest night. It's a perfect time to reflect on the year past and plant seeds for the upcoming Spring (Chinese New Year).

Do you have any Solstice rituals? In China, there are many popular foods to celebrate DongZhi Festival, the festival of 復, "Returning".

Preparing pink and green tangyuan (湯圓) or glutenous rice balls with broth or rice wine is a warm "sticky" symbol of reunion.

Dumplings are especially popular to celebrate this time, particularly in Northern China. Rice cakes are shared with family and friends in the South, offered as a blessing.

Additionally, tomorrow is the last full moon of the year, full moon in Gemini also called the

Cold Moon. Potentially emotional and powerful energies merge with a call to step into your true voice and authentic self. Enjoy the expansion of consciousness coming! Breathe deeply and slow down to savor all the immense changes on the horizon!

Honoring this full moon, Elizabeth offers a single question rose reading Giveaway on Zoom. If you have a single question, and would like an intuitive, energetic reading, she will look at your auric field and the energetics patterns around your question.

The reading last 15 to 20 minutes and ends with a Healing and energetic clearing. To participate in the Instagram giveaway, you will need to go to and follow the instructions on the Giveaway Post.

Winner will be drawn on Sunday, December 19 at noon Pacific Time. All entries accepted until Sunday at noon.

May you have a blessed full moon!


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