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Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

Happy December all - The last month of 2021. For the Chinese Lunar Year, we still have 2 months remaining. Isn't it a relief?

So much is happening this first week of December!

Quick announcements - Friday December 3rd, 17th Ave. Studios is hosting a Holiday Bazaar. Elizabeth will be available for readings with the Inner Light Moon Oracle. Her studio will be open as well as 8 other artists and multiple vendors selling local Santa Cruz wares. If you live in the Bay Area, come visit for a night of Poi Rodgers and honky tonk pedal steel jams, great food and lots of art love.

Friday December 3rd we will also have an Instagram LIVE interview with our very own Kimberly as she discusses her Divine Flow Course that's soon to be launched. Tune in at 11:45 a.m. PST. @innerlightmoonoracle

Friday the 3rd also marks a beautiful Super New Moon in Sagittarius. Lots of re-examining what’s truly important and stepping into your most authentic self. While things may feel electric, there’s a mental and practical discipline that will emerge and serve you. Be brave and ask your heart to navigate you during this potent time.

Combined with a full solar eclipse (not visible in North America) there’s almost a sense of a double darkness, a complete blank slate.

Wishing you a clear path in this emptied out new moon, and a fresh start for wonderful things to come this month and moving into 2022!

Coming up next Tuesday, we move into a the 21st Solar Term: Greater Snow. As one can imagine, this is the period of heaviest snowfall. Tigers begin to mate. There is a Rime Ice and Snow Festival in Northern China celebrated at this time of year. In the South, people enjoy the blooming of Wintersweet blossoms. It's time to begin salting fish and meat for winter storage. Nourishing tonics are recommended to warm the body and stay healthy!


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