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The Key to Enjoy Life

“This is the mantra we would like you to know in your hearts….

Change is moving along for the better”

-The Divine Light Team (The Golden Assembly of Light Beings)

In a recent channeled message for our Innerlight Moon community, The Divine Light Team of Angels and Guides assured us that our connection with our higher wisdom is always present!

They said, “We are in awe, truly, of those who are dedicated to listening to others as well as listening to one’s own higher self”.

They shared a really helpful insight regarding the key to enjoying life. The key lies in our ability “to accept the constant flux of change” of our lives that will help us to feel lighter and more free. Nothing is permanent and everything changes moment to moment. This is what makes life such a miracle!

The Divine Light Team acknowledged that acceptance of change may not always come easily, but they referenced the moon as an inspiration for us to embody the ever changing nature of life.

In their words:

“To understand the reflections of the moon in nature, it is always changing and this is what living with ease is in the human form…to accept this constant flux of change that happens..and we understand that this can have its true challenges, but the more one can lighten and understand from this perspective that change is moving along for the better…this is the mantra that we would like you to know in your hearts.”

One of the benefits of listening to our higher selves, intuition and Divine Support Teams is that it can be profoundly reassuring on a deep level during challenging times. The Team’s suggestion that we know and trust that all is changing for the better, is a mantra that may help us to lighten up, let go and allow the miracle of life to unfold.


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