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White Moon

Friday morning we move into a Full Moon in Taurus with a partial Lunar Eclipse. The Chinese call the November moon 白月 (White Moon). This 2021 November full moon heralds abrupt news and potentially unsettling emotions. Being grounded, finding activities that bring you joy and compassion, are the keys to riding through this time, as it carries us to a more evolved version of our light.

In honor of this full moon, Elizabeth is offering a Single Question Rose Reading on Zoom as a giveaway. If you have one question, and would like an intuitive, energetic reading, she will look at your auric field and the energetic patterns around this question. Reading lasts 15-20 minutes and ends with an energetic clearing & healing.

The giveaway is on Instagram. To participate in the giveaway:

2) Tag a friend who might be interested

Each friend tag is a chance to win. Please only tag others who may like this information 🙏.Winner will be drawn on Saturday, November 20 at noon PST. Entries accepted until then.

Coming up next week, we move into the 20th solar term on November 22nd. Snow begins to fall in certain areas of the world, and the darkness deepens. The sun is 240 degrees to the earth. The upcoming pentads for this Solar Term Cycle are:

11-22 to 11-27

虹藏不見, 'Rainbows concealed'. Rainbows are a combination of yin and yang. As the winter season is extreme yin, rainbows are hidden.

11-28 to 12-2

天氣上騰地氣下降, 'Heaven's chi ascends, Earth chi descends'.

Since ancient times the connection to heaven has been the foundation of all life. Yin and yang of heaven (moon and sun) are the original source of life. Everything that is situated between heaven and earth and enveloped by the six directions—the nine regions of the earth or the nine orifices of the human body, or the five organ systems, or the twelve major joints—is connected to the qi of heaven... If we ignore this vital connection between heaven, earth, and human beings, we risk to be harmed by pathological influences. This is the main principle of health and longevity.

~From The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine (Huangdi Neijing)

12-3 to 12-7

閉塞而成冬, 'Closure and stasis create winter'.

When the Chi completes its movement of yin and yang energy, we enter into winter dormancy.

Thanksgiving Holiday is a classic time to be indoors with family and friends. Be sure to walk in nature or do some refreshing movement for yourself. Celebrate each other and try not to overindulge in food and drinking, which can be taxing on your physical system. Travel carefully and safely if you will be journeying to loved ones. Wishing you all a very blessed Holiday week full of warmth and gratitude!

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