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Wishing you a blessed Autumn Equinox!

As we move into the season of Libra, the great balancer, it is a perfect time to celebrate the 16th Solar Term. 秋分, Qiufen, the Autumnal Equinox, has arrived on this tour around the sun. Our earth’s degrees to the sun has passed 180. Our nights will grow longer than our days until the Winter solstice. The turning inward has begun.

Autumn is the season of Lesser Yin, as we transition out of the Greater Yang season of summer and into the Greater Yin season of winter.

This harvesting time of year encourages reflecting on the past actions of this Metal Ox year. It has a sentimental quality. From a 5 elements perspective, it is the season of metal, of the White Tiger, BaiHu (白虎), who is one of the Four Symbols and guards the celestial corner of West in the heavens. The emotion of sadness rules this season and is related to the lung organs.

Nourish yourself with warm liquids this season and keep your body warm during the season’s change.

From Kimberly's live channel this month, we have the reminder to connect to our joy song. It is the vibration of happiness and what we are meant to bring to the world.

A very blessed Autumn Equinox to all of you!


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