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"Accepting the light that you are"

Happy New Moon in Virgo friends!

This week marks both a beautiful New Moon in Virgo AND a new Solar Term! We entered the 15th Solar Term, 白露, Báilù, White Dew. The Sun has passed the celestial longitude of 165 degrees. These Autumn days are cooler now. More and more dew dampens the morning plants so they glisten like white crystals with glimmering dew drops. See them in the fresh mornings as you take a stroll to greet the day!

As we continue through this 15 day cycle, geese are migrating. The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner. Now commonly celebrated on August 15th, the Festival actually marks the Autumn Equinox and is the second largest festival in China after Chinese New Year. It’s often called Mooncake Festival, offerings are made to the Chang E, the Moon Goddess, for a good harvest, prosperity and blessed marriages.

A special New Moon Message was channelled by our resident Intuitive Counselor at Inner Light Moon, Kimberly Gladysz. Kimberly offered the beautiful insights of her Divine Light Team in our previous blog post. You can read all the details here. The key messages for this lunar cycle are a sense of gratitude, peace, and focus on things that bring you joy!

"Accepting the light that you are is the true act of healing." ~The Divine Light Team Kimberly, Live Channel New Moon 9/6/21

We are so delighted to have Kimberly with us at Inner Light Moon. In addition to her many gifts, Kimberly holds an MA, is a LPCC, and has been developing the skill of clairaudience (hearing or tuning into guides) for the past 15 years. Her readings and work are supported by daily mindfulness practices of meditation and yoga. She holds a Master’s degree in Body Mind Psychology and has grown as a therapist and teacher for over 20 years. Kimberly brings compassionate wisdom, humor and a spirit of play to help enlighten our path. Her intention is to support peace and harmony in the world. Read more about Kimberly's Guide Readings here.

As we enter into this New Solar Term, we wish you all a very blessed New Moon Cycle!


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