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Easy ways to center yourself

Hello and Happy final Friday in August!

We have a Friday Card of the Day for your reflection below.

But first, how are you doing?

As the summer winds down and kids return to school, we go deeper into this season of Metal. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, we have already entered into the Autumn season. Harvesting, clearing, pruning, and making space for a fresh new start is what's in store for the next few months.

This change of season can be destabilizing and chaotic at times. It's always helpful to have a few tools to return to your center and feel grounded.

The Breath

The first is the most obvious and consequently the most frequently overlooked: The breath. A deep breath into the lungs, or even deeper into the belly, wakes up the body and connects the spirit with the physical. In the Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai, Yamamoto Tsunetomo writes that a Samurai should take 7 breaths and then make a decision. Those 7 breaths are the centering force to connect to one's deepest understanding and wisdom.

Your Feet

The second tip is a sense of groundedness coming from the feet. When you don't quite feel yourself, check in with your feet. How are your they? Rest them flat and separate on the floor. Have a sense of rootedness from the ground. Know that the earth supports every aspect of your life, and it is always there, beneath your feet.

The Base of the Spine

A healthy root chakra spirals downwards towards the earth from the perineum. Your pelvic floor, where the sacrum and hips join, is the energetic support system for survival issues, money, stability and safety. Just sitting comfortably for a few minutes and consciously checking in with this area will bring you back to center. Balancing the two sits-bones and feeling solid on your base is a simple way to feel more embodied, alive and nurturing your body.

Now that you're all centered, here's the Single Card Reading for today!

Pick one card that resonates with you from the three in the photo.

Card 1

Yin & Yang

Reversal. Dark in light. Light in dark.

If you tuned in and selected Card No. 1, it is a Spiritual card asking for your patience and observation on a particular issue. Yin and Yang refers to the Chinese concept that there is a duality of all nature. Every coin has two sides. Every positive has a negative. The Yin Yang symbol contains a dot of yin in every yang, a dot of yang for every yin. It also implies the energy of change. All things will ultimately flow. What was up will come down. What was young will grow old. This is the nature of life. Understanding this perspective will help you prevail through life gracefully.

The Zodiac Animal of Card No. 1 is the The Snake. FuXi (伏羲), a half-man snake, with his twin, NuWa (女娲), the half-woman snake, created humanity. This Chinese myth attributes the origin of language and music, the invention of the guqin, and the arrangement of the trigrams in the I Ching, all to FuXi. Half-Snake and Half-Man, FuXi symbolizes our reptilian nature, or origin source, and our incredible ability to evolve.

Card 2

Fairy Queen

Grounded and at ease

If you tuned in and selected Card No. 2, it is a Spiritual card of great comfort and certainty. It is a ruler card. The Fairy Queen rules over the Elementals on the physical plane. She enjoys the pleasures of life fully and embraces the joy and wonder that life has to offer. Above her is the moon, whose rhythms and flow change with the seasons and affect her domain of flowers and plants in the earthly realm. To her left is the Zodiac Animal the Pig who is a symbol of wealth in China. The pig is relaxed and frolicking in the mud. Treat yourself to a spa day with a mud facial or product of your choice. Care for your body and this will lead to your happiness.

Card 3


Inspired, making decisive choices.

If you tuned in and selected Card No. 3, it is an Earth card that came up reversed. This means there is some resistance in your space to this energy. The Earth cards resonate with nurturing and grounded energies. Clear out the resistance using your breath and some bright gold colors or color that resonates with positivity for you.

Motivation will put wind in your sails and take you where you want to go. If you currently don't feel inspired, move in the direction of your passion. All too often, we direct our life based on information from the outside world, rather than from our own personal motivation. If we automatically conduct our actions this way, we break the link to our personal drive.

Everyone has an internal compass that is our North Star for why we came to the planet and what we intended to learn here. The centering tools offered in the earlier part of this blog are perfect for you to help connect to your intuition. Once there, you will naturally feel your passions.

Enjoy your Weekend!

The overall reading for today indicates doing something nice and special for yourself. Take time to calmly observe situations and try to see all angles.

If you enjoyed this card reading, share it with a friend. If you'd like to connect deeper with your own intuition, the Inner Light Moon Oracle is a wonderful way to have a daily meditation practice. Order a deck for yourself or a friend here!


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