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Winter Begins

A classic Chinese phrase for the seasons is, "Born in Spring, grow in Summer, Harvest in Autumn, and hide in Winter".

Today is Li Dong (立冬), the 19th Solar Term. It marks the beginning of Winter in many Asian cultures. Thus starts the final quarter of the Solar Terms for this Metal Ox year. The sun passes through the celestial longitude of 225 degrees - 240 degrees during this time.

The Chinese divided the year into 24 terms based on the earth's orbit around the sun. Each term is further subdivided into 3 pentads of 5-6 days. The three pentads of this term's 15 day cycle are:

(水始冰) 'Water begins to freeze'

(地始凍) 'The earth begins to harden'

(雉入大水為蜃) 'Pheasants enter the water for clams'

As one can imagine, winter is the season of rest. Enjoy the harvest reaped from the previous months and restore oneself during the cold. Dumplings, winter swimming, and stews are popular foods and recreational activities. Nourishing meals that energize the body, like those rich in carbohydrate and fats are recommended for this chilly season to dispel the cold. Lean meats, egg, fish, and beans are hearty winter foods. Be sure what you eat is warmed and cooked. No raw in winter!

This past week we moved into a New Moon cycle! Kimberly shared a beautiful channel with us from her Divine Light Team. Some of the highlights from her message are below:

Be enlighten by the path of least resistance.

Let go of obstacles and dead roads when you cannot move further. Release fixed ideas.

Open one's mind to the true possibilities of life!

Care for the physical body!

Be confident in your life. Not being above or superior to others, but do what allows your gifts to come through. Honor your gifts. Each life path is for the greater good.

Give one's life force, strength & will power to be a positive force in the world.

Contribute in a way that makes your heart sing.

Celebrate the turning of the new moon! New Possibilities. Shedding old ideas.

Anything not in your highest good can fall away.

You are always connected to the Source of the Love of the Light that You Are!

Blessings to you on this New Moon! Happy Li Dong!


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